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Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables in all shapes and sizes and all with an air motor, two pushers, four pucks and a gorgeous looking wooden table with four legs, if you like to play air hockey where you flick a switch on the table and motor powers up pushing air through holes in the air hockey table so you can hold your pusher and strike the puck with your pusher to score with up to four people playing as there are four pushers and two pucks then this air hockey table is the one to buy.

The table has legs you don't need to stand this air hockey machine on anything as its built into its own table there's a slide scorer where you slide the scorer as someone gets a goal and that's built into the table too, the air hockey table is solid with large stable legs the table won't wobble or fall over no matter how vigorous the gaming gets, its an ideal game for the whole family as its fast paced and action packed the air comes up through holes in the table and makes the puck and pushers slide really fast on the table as the air flow reduces the resistance of the puck and pusher.

Choose from tables starting at 5 feet in length that's 1.5 meters so you're not all squashed around a small table, the table top itself has the hockey field drawn on it and has a grey colour field with a circle marking where you should start the game by putting your pushers on the circle, the table has a rim to hold the pushers and pucks on the table so they don't fly off when you strike, he pushers are red in colour and are large and easy to hold making them ideal for children and easy to hold for adults too, the table edge is blue in colour with smart black wooden legs and frame, his air hockey table is delivered free of charge and comes with a standard one year warranty, with this 5ft foldable air hockey table the air flows up through the table, its a folding air hockey table.

This is a folding air hockey table when not in use the whole table surface rotates into a vertical position so the table can be stored flat against a wall out of the way, the table has sturdy legs that holds the air hockey table in both its unfolded and folded positions, to fold the table simply turn the two large locking wheels with your hand and push into an upright position, air hockey tables use an electric motor to create an airflow up through the table, tiny holes in the table force air upwards onto the table surface and you can feel the air flow on your hand if you hold your hand on the table top, this air flow makes the puck and pushers move without friction so the game play is really fast as you push the puck with your pusher and the puck fly's round the table and the pushers move so freely due to the air flow that you can really get some speed up.

Included are two large red coloured pushers that are easy to hold for smaller children's hands as well as adults larger hands and you also get two pucks and a cleaning cloth for the air hockey table surface, the table surface is a PVC laminate on an MDF table the table surface has the hockey court marked out in red on a white table top and the sides of the table are raised so the puck and pushers won't fly off the table the table sides are grey in colour whilst the legs of the table are black MDF the air hockey table looks modern and fits in well with other pieces of modern furniture your have in your home.

This air hockey table comes with free delivery and a one year warranty with two paddles, four pucks, electronic scoreboard, sound effects and built in air fan which floats puck on table top, the air hockey table has fans in the table push air out of holes in the table the airflow causes the puck and pusher to move without friction so both the puck and pusher will whiz across the table at high speeds, with two paddles, four pucks, electronic scoreboard, sound effects and built in air fan floats puck on table top.

Its a lot of fun, to ensure that the puck and pushers don't fly off the table the edge of the table is raised and the table top itself has the hockey field marked out on it with electronic goals that automatically keep score when your puck goes in the goal, your score is shown on the digital display, the air hockey table also features sound effects as you whiz your puck round the table and as you score a goal so it's as lot of fun for the whole family.

The electronic scoreboard shows both your score and your opponents score at the same time and electronic sensors in the goals make sure that all your goals increase your score automatically, he table has large legs for stability which can be easily removed if you want to put the board on a table or want to put the board away for storage the wooden table is a modern dark grey in colour and certainly won't look out of place with other pieces of furniture in your home, the air flow comes through tiny holes in the table and is driven by an electric fan which is built into the table, simply plug the table into a mains socket with the cable supplied and the electronic score board and fan will be powered.

The feet of the table are height adjustable so you can make the table higher and lower as well as adjust the legs for an uneven floor so the puck and pushers always move freely, or how about a 6ft air hockey table with high gloss table top and electric fan that provides air flow to table, this full size air hockey table has a high gloss finish which looks stunning having that high quality wooden arcade machine look about it there's an electric fan built inside the table which provides the air flow to the table with tiny holes in the table flowing with air so the included puck and pusher glide fast over the table, the table has a slight rim to catch the puck and pusher and stop them shooting off the table.

With such a high gloss finish and air flow through the table holes the puck and pusher move incredibly fast and make excellent high speed came play that's fun for children and adults alike, there's a slider scorer on the ends of the table so you can keep count of the goals and the high gloss table top has the hockey field marked out on it showing you the goal areas and where to put your pushers, the table is black in colour and has large wooden legs for great stability and a high gloss piano finish table top that looks great included are two pucks and two pushers and two cloths to keep the table top clean, there's two slide scorers one for each player at each players end of the table, just move the slider to keep track of your goals.

The sides of the table are metal for added strength and the table is reinforced to cope with the most vigorous of game play, the pushers are grey in colour and are large and easy to hold even for small hands, the air hockey table is delivered free of charge and comes with a one year warranty, how about a 6ft air hockey table with folding table with two table tops one for pool and one for air hockey, his is a beautiful wooden table with two interchangeable table tops, put the table on one way round and you have a pool table with a beautiful red felt, triangle, chalks and pool balls with 6 pockets for the balls and put the table top on the other way round and you have an air hockey table with pucks and pushers that glide with practically no friction across the air hockey table which has the hockey field drawn out on the smooth table and shows you where to put the pushers if you don't know the rules.

The air hockey table has a built in fan which blows air through tiny holes in the surface of the air hockey table the air ensures the pucks and pushers glide with no friction and the edge of the air hockey table is slightly raised so that the pushers and pucks don't fly off the tables edge, built into the table is an elegant score counter abacus that looks stunning with matt black sliders against a mahogany look table the sides, legs and feet of the table are all mahogany look and will be great in any home and a very elegant piece of furniture, the mahogany look table is folding so while its 6ft in length giving plenty of space to play pool or air hockey the table easily folds away for storage.

With the table you get a range of accessories which when not in use are stored inside the table keeping all the bits together so they don't get lost you get two poker cues one set of pool balls and a pool triangle as well as a brush for the table felt and two pieces of chalk for the pool cues and for air hockey two pushers and one puck, or how about an 8ft air hockey table with electric score board, 4 pushers and 4 pucks, wooden table and height adjustable legs, this is an eight foot long table with plenty room for four players at once the full size table has an air fan inside the table which blows air up through tiny holes in the table surface making the pucks and pushers glide easily on the table with no friction, the pucks and pushers move fast on the frictionless surface and game play is fast and furious for both children and adults.

With an electric score board, 4 pushers, 4 pucks and wooden table with height adjustable legs, the table surface has a hockey field printed on it showing you the goal areas and where to put your pushers the goal areas have electronic sensors and will increment the score on the digital counters that maintain the score and show you the score on the side of the table, the table is made of wood with black legs and body and silver sides, silver corners and a white high gloss playing surface the legs are height adjustable so you can adjust the height of the table for different sized players as if its mostly children who will be playing you can lower the legs and if its mostly adults who are taller you can increase the leg height also with individual leg adjustment you can counter for floors that are not level by making the table sit level no matter how uneven the floor of the room.

Simply plug the cable from the air hockey table into the wall socket and switch on the table and air will push the pucks and pushers up making for a smooth surface to play on and the electronic counter will automatically count points, there's a one year warranty on this air hockey table and delivery is free of charge, how about a 4 in 1 games table that lets you play four different games on the one table machine, they include motorised air hockey, table tennis, football and pool, the motorised air hockey really is motorised as the table has a mains cable which you plug in to your electrical wall socket to provide the 240 volt motor with power for the motorised air hockey game.

It's easy and quick to change the games and when you want to store the games table you can remove the legs for easy storage as they just unscrew, but are sturdy in use, the table is made from a beech finish with laminated PVC games tops that are quick to change. With the games table you get 2 soccer balls (mini football balls), one set of 1/2 inch (half inch) pool balls for playing pool on the table as well as two 42 inch cues, a brush to keep the surface of the bale clean and two pieces of chalk for the pool cues, also included are two table tennis bats and two table tennis balls, the typical table has a size of 41 1/4" x 22 3/4" x 27" or 105cm x 58cm x 69cm and a weight of 38.25kg and is suitable for all ages, from the children wanting a game on their own to the parents looking for a game they can play with the whole family.

Built into the side of the games table is an accessory drawer perfect for keeping the bats and balls together with the table without getting lost, he tabletop football game has a full football pitch marked out on the floor along with goal areas and is a classic mini football game, delivery is free with this games table so it makes a perfect present, or how about a 12 in 1 table for pool, table football, slide hockey, table tennis, bowling, chess, checkers, backgammon, playing cards, shuffle board, horseshoes and ring toss, with this 12 in 1 games table you get a table with different table tops to play the game of your choice so you can use the table football top which has the football team attached to their poles and goals built into the table.

Or you can use the table tennis table top that has a table tennis net and two table tennis bats or you can use the chess and backgammon table tops which has the chess board and backgammon board marked out on the table and includes all the chess pieces and backgammon pieces or you can use the slide hockey table top which has the hockey field marked out on the table top and includes pushers and pucks to play slide hockey, the table is a solid wooden table with beautiful wooden sides and strong wooden feet that provide great stability even for vigorous play the wood used on the table is truly beautiful and will really be a talking point in any room, you get a gamers table that can play twelve different games and comes with all the accessories you need to enjoy every game like a full pool table with balls and two cues and a pool triangle and two pieces of chalk for your pool cues there's a table football top that comes with two footballs and a table tennis table top that comes with a table tennis net and two table tennis bats and ball.

There's a slide hockey table top with two slide hockey pushers and pucks there's a shuffle board top and a checkers top and a backgammon top all to keep both adults and children amused for hours and with so many games to choose from the children won't get bored and every game has a proper table and proper accessories so it really is like having twelve different table games in one.