Cheap Home Fitness

Cheap Home Fitness

One of the biggest names in exercise equipment retail finance in the UK, 0% and low fixed rate APR credit on gym equipment. Should you have any questions or issues once you have received your you can raise a support ticket with the after-sales team. How does pay later in 3 work? Pay later in 3 will allow you to spread the cost of your purchase over 3 equal payments with Klarna the payment for each instalment will be made in equal parts. You can check out with interest free credit. VibroGym Evolution, excluding the upper body device is a vibrating platform with the most harmonious vertical vibration the new evolution in global vibration training is the VG Evolution. Escape SteadyBalls designed specifically for core stability and balance work the unique, safe and stylish twotone Steadyball has self-levelling technology which means it won't roll. Worldwide delivery the international delivery rates are based on product dimensions x product with x weight. Escape TIYR the TIYR is soft yet very strong, simple but innovative and super tough just like the real thing, TIYR is a challenge for all users regardless of ability. Reebok Deck the latest evolution of the classic Reebok Step, the Reebok Deck expands your workout options for both body weight and weighted training.

Established to offer a new and exciting selection of products whilst maintaining the highest levels of service. StairMaster HIITmillX, 30 years after inventing the StepMill known worldwide as one of the most challenging work-outs available, Stairmaster have launched the HIITmillX. Power bands are great for speed training, agility drills and jump resistance or as an alternative to standing cable exercises the band thickness determines the jump resistance. NordicTrack New FS5i Freestride Trainer with 5" backlit display iFit bluetooth and 1 yearís membership included with integrated tablet holder. The Wattbike Trainer provides a lighter range of resistance at the lower end which opens up all sorts of training possibilities. The WaterRower Classic is handcrafted in solid American black walnut, add the SmartRow intelligent power meter to enhance your rowing experience. Peak aerobic and anaerobic conditioning with Jacobs Ladder which provides the most efficient exercise for those serious about conditioning. The WaterRower Oxbridge, get this amazing deal today with free cleaning kit, free S4 monitor, free laptop connection cable (new USB version) and free WaterRower commercial warranty. The TireFlip 180 is a commercial-rated functional training tool featuring a half tractor tire mounted on a 180-degree rotating pivot for performing hard training.

Gym grass is ideal for sled training, mobility work and running, with a soft cushioned layer on the bottom and brushed surface, the grass offers comfort as well as performance. With a finance lease the payments remain fixed for the duration of the contract so you know exactly what and when you are paying, equipment can be easily financed. Available for all wooden WaterRower models the SmartRow wirelessly transmits workout data in real-time to the SmartRow app on your iOS or Android handheld. The Jordan V-Handle is a Jordan Fitness cable attachment and is well made and built to last, add some variety to your training by adding some new cable. Origin Cable Crossover this incremental weight stack allows users to easily increase their weights as their strength increases a selection of cable attachments is included. The Berg Rally Force has supper attractive rims and is a great deal. Jordan chrome dumbbells these stylish chrome dumbbells are available in various weights from 1kg-20kg as well as sets of 1-10kg (10 pairs) and 2-20kg (10 pairs in 2kg increments). Nautilus Impact Abductor is proven, smart and effective the Impact Strength line brings many subtle innovations to the power of your next weight training workout, it is by far the best. Get an Escape Quad Sled a simple, brutal work out tool that builds core power, stylish and compact the sled features two moveable drive posts which can be positioned either end of the sled.

Cormax The Beast the Beast is a first of its kind high performance team training tool that is perfect for coaches, strength conditioning and personal trainers, no other training product comes close. NordicTrack Fusion CST is fitness for the future, it opens its doors with this revolutionary device that combines strength training and cardio for an optimised workout of high-tech training. Escape Thai Bag the Thai bag is a full-length bag for workouts in Muay Thai and MMA styles incorporating punches, elbows, kicks and knees a great fit for any MMA routine. The Cybex 790T Treadmill has a 5 HP peak AC drive motor and speed of 0.8 - 25kp/h (0.5 - 15.6mph) and incline of 0 - 20% and running area of 56 x 152cm (22 x 60") and 9 pre-programmed workouts. Try the 3KG Rubber Handweights with anti-roll shape and 100% rubber construction for safer exercising plus colour-coded ends for easy weight identification. The Hatton Speed Ball is a must-have piece of training equipment for any boxer the Speed Ball trains for improved hand-eye coordination, reaction time, speed and agility and like all Hatton products itís great value for money. With the Proform equipment mat you put a layer of protection between your workout and your floors with this treadmill mat, durable vinyl construction provides superior protection beneath the treadmill. Buy the Impulse Sterling Pulldown Plate the Sterling series has been designed by China State Sport General Administration as exclusive training equipment for China National Weightlifting Team.

The Exigo Abdominal Twister is for strong core muscles, support your body and make everyday movements more efficient, strengthen your core with the Exigo Abdominal Twister a simple device thatís easy to use. Vinyl handweight hand weights (vinyl) these are designed for safer exercising the hand weights anti-roll shape and easy clean vinyl coating makes them an ideal choice. Exigo Selectorised Abdominal Machine the Exigo Ab Machine is perfect for targeting the abdominal muscles this machine creates a safe, comfortable exercise experience, it allows the core muscles to be worked. Jordan Plyometric Platforms are non-slip platforms with a unique stackable design which minimises the space required, a heavy-duty oval frame construction provides a stable exercise platform. Escape Speed Ladder exercises and workouts now feature pin-point precision, squat, jump and press-up your way down the ladder for a total body workout and it comes with its own bag. StairMaster HIIT Rower the new StairMaster HIIT Rower by Core Health and Fitness is the newest member of the StairMaster HIIT family of products featuring the HIITMill X and HIITMill. The Jordan Core Plate is an extra-heavy base plate that provides peace of mind and stability when performing a huge number of strength-building exercises.

The Per4m Jump Trainer increases both vertical and horizontal leaping ability and increases lower body dynamic strength by adding resistance to drills and training. The Escape Lift Zone is a heavy-duty and flexible lifting platform which offers superb shock absorption, ensuring your flooring is protected from damage and marking. The Hatton Heavy Bag for you to build your punching power with a Hatton Heavy Duty Punch Bag made from 100% dyed quality leather and filled with a unique type of bag fill exclusive to Hatton. Escape Mobility Pack use these mobility workouts before or after your workouts to maintain suppleness and flexibility and improve the range of motion and joint control to enhance mobility. The Tornado Air Bike with full commercial rating this fitness bike is a must have for any commercial gym / CrossFit facility the dual-action design leads both your upper and lower body. The SpeedFit Curved Treadmill for no bounds and no controls, just get on and run, no electricity required completely powered by the user, reduces joint impact and improves running performance. The Impulse RT950 Treadmill range features and 18.5Ē touch screen display 1-25km/h speed range, 15% incline range, quick buttons (incline and speed) and handlebar controls for heartrate feedback.

The UKSF Speed Rope to use for double unders and bootcamps with a length of 3m and an adjustable handle the weight is 500 grams combined with the handle which has a length of 170 mm. The Exigo pulling harness is suitable for use with Exigo speed and fitness sleds this pulling harness has been designed with your comfort in mind the adjustable harness allows you to be safe and comfortable. The Jordan storage cage to keep your gym neat and tidy and organised with this sturdy and portable storage cage, store boxing equipment, med balls and bags. The Exigo folding rack is a retractable station that can be easily folded away to free up crucial floor space when needed and offering exceptional value for money. The UKSF flat bench is a heavy-duty flat bench engineered to be stable, durable and easy to assemble this flat bench is a great basic addition to any home or commercial gym. The Vertical Crunch is a complete core training machine in a space saving design the linkage system allows beginners to easily sit and perform an effective crunch. The Teeter DEX II cecompress and works the core this hip-support inversion device is a great fitness solution that easily incorporates inverted decompression into your workout. The Exigo squat box has been used for years as a great way to learn and execute the squat exercise the heavy-duty construction with high grade upholstered pad means itís built to last. The York Workout Tower from York Fitness is the complete workout companion guaranteed to elevate your fitness regime, designed to accommodate a wide variety of workouts.

The Precor C240i stretch trainer instructional placard with eight key stretches guides users and with its comfortable cushioned seat and knee pads help users sit comfortably. The GymGear prowler sled is designed to develop leg, hip, core and upper body strength whilst improving aerobic fitness the prowler will add an extra dimension to your training. The Bosu ballast ball from the new school of stability ball training with all the features of the traditional ballast ball and filled with 2.5kg of beads to keep the ball in shape. The Cybex barbell rack (holds 10 barbells) the Cybex free weight equipment line complements the entire range of Cybex strength products the sleek design seamlessly integrates the products into your gym. The Power Plate DualSphere from the leader in whole-body vibration for over 20 years the Power Plate DualSphere is perfect for effective, concentrated massage, featuring a unique control system. The Stairmaster Hiit bike, 30 years after inventing the StepMill Stairmaster have become known worldwide for offering some of the most challenging work-outs available the Hiit bike is no exception. The Exigo ultimate speedball double layered poly cotton lining for long lasting performance with reinforced double lined hanging strap, made of high-quality poly cotton.

The UKSF adjustable bench is a durable multi-purpose bench, a staple in any serious strength and conditioning facility, easily changeable for all individual athletes improving the overall strength conditioning. The NordicTrack new C7.5 elliptical, not only does the C 7.5 elliptical offer a total-body workout with less impact on your knees, it's also built with an incline ramp that lets you target specific muscle groups. The Escape Octagon bench is inspired by the Octagon range of functional frames and is the perfect complement to the Octagon frames for members who want to perfect their bench work. The Ferox Olympic Bar, men's Olympic lifting bar, 2200mm long, 28mm grip, 20kg bushings with dual snap ring chrome shaft and sleeves, rated to 700lbs for excellent all-round lifting. The Nautilus incline press is a one of a kind plate loaded experience the Nautilus Leverage line offers a one of a kind plate loaded experience. The WaterRower protective cover keeps your WaterRower dust free, covers are black in colour and these covers are not compatible with M series or A1 models. The GymGear XPO trainer is not only the very first exercise sled on wheels but a training device so versatile that it serves multiple purposes for athletes.

The Cybex Bravo advanced multigym fits in a corner and is a great solution for home gyms, hundreds of exercises in one machine the Bravo offers the strength training that current medical multigyms cannot. The NordicTrack new commercial 1750 treadmill features a 7-inch, web-enabled touchscreen and incorporates an improved tablet holder that adjusts for better viewing. The VibroGym Evolution (including upper body device) is a cutting edge European manufactured premium vibration device built from precision cast aluminium with smart application and state of the art display. The Jordan performance sled builds explosive strength with this durable and smooth-running performance sled the impressive gym sled boosts strength. The Escape WOD bar is a great cross training all-rounder with the whip and rotation performance essential for Olympic lifts with a shaft diameter of 28mm and 7ft length. WaterRower water blue is a blue tinted dye for the water in your tank, use in place of Puritabs to colour your water and enhance the look of your WaterRower, purification tablets will cause staining, this will not. The Jordan Kettlebell rack stores a full set of kettlebells the rack will hold bells of any size the rubber covered top prevents Kettlebell damage. The Cybex flat bench is a free weight equipment line which complements the entire range of Cybex strength products the sleek design seamlessly integrates the products into your gym. Jordan active flooring is a premium rubber flooring that fits into any functional gym space, ideal for reducing noise and vibrations whilst limiting damage to your free weights. The Teqball Teq Lite is taking the footballing world by storm, this Teq Lite table is a must for anyone looking for a fun and exciting addition to their home or communal facility e.g. hotels.

The Reebok aerobic step was introduced to health clubs over 25 years ago the Reebok Step is the original aerobic platform helping to boost your fitness with a full body workout. The Berg Buzzy Nitro is due to regional restrictions not able to be delivered to Ireland or Northern Ireland the Berg Buzzy Nitro has a spectacular off-road design. The Fitness Mad Tye4 is a sleek, wearable resistance and assistance system designed to make any exercise more challenging and effective the Tye4 bungees add 9 Kg of weight. The Escape Ridge Roller is cool looking yet brilliantly effective, the Ridge Roller mimics the pressure applied by a sports therapist's hands the textured surface offers superb feel. Jordan Squad Logs are built for only the toughest, fittest and bravest of athletes to work as a team, lifting 100kg or 150kg the Squad Logs are designed for group exercises. The GymGear squat rack is a versatile line of strength equipment which offers effective weight training solutions to maximise even the most compact spaces whether you are experienced or not. The Jordan Sandbag Rack is for when your fed up with your sandbags cluttering up your gym floor, this stylish rack provides the affordable solution, solid, stable and sleek.

The Zhangkong barbell lifter makes assembling, moving and disassembling your barbells easy and safe, discs and bar are not included. The York Yoga Block from York Fitness is great for improving flexibility, strength and posture using the durable foam block adds extra support and helps you maintain flexibility. The Cybex Scott curl free weight equipment line complements the entire range of Cybex strength products the sleek design seamlessly integrates the products into your gym. The GymGear Rear Kick Sterling machine replicates the rear kick movement in a closed kinetic chain and is ideal for training both glutes and hamstrings. The Casada Kennedy III, the operation of this massage chair is controlled by a microcomputer that performs different massage methods and combinations, like kneading and clapping. The Life Fitness adjustable bench is supplied with the LifeFitness G5 and G7 multigyms and is now available on its own, this is the best value bench sold as you would from Life Fitness.