WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Weights.

Read Review and Buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Weights and be Ready to Weight Train, Ready to Exercise with the Advanced Home Gym.

The WeightMaster Bench Gym is a home gym built around a weight bench, if you primarily want to work with weights but realise that you will need to do some other strength training and not just on the weight bench then the WeightMaster Bench Gym is the one piece of exercise equipment you must buy.
WeightMaster Bench Gym with 100kg Weights, Ready to Weight Train, Ready to Exercise.

Ready to Weight Train, Ready to Exercise

With a proper weight bench and all the added strength training equipment your save yourself a lot of money over buying all these pieces of exercise equipment separately and then you would need the room to store them all, buy the WeightMaster Bench Gym and have all those pieces of exercise equipment built-in.

Delivered free of charge with 100kg of free weights (also delivered free of charge) your ready to go and can start lifting weights on your weight bench straight away.

The strength training equipment you get built-in to the WeightMaster Bench Gym includes a chest press featuring butterfly bars and a lateral pull down bar (lat pull down bar), as well as of course a bench press with locking weight rest stands, these are a very important safety feature especially if you have young children around, place your barbells and long weights on the locking weight rests and slide the lock flap over the bar, this will prevent accidents as with the lock in place you can't lift the weight of the rest and the weight can't be knocked off either.

The seat and backrest on the bench press are well padded and have a PU leather look, these fold completely flat so you can do a variety of strength training and cardio vascular exercises with the seat and back rest flat.

Delivered free of charge with a free one year warranty and new discounted price.
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