Tahiti White Therapist Stool.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti White Therapist Stool the Luxury House Stool and Bedroom Folding Stool.

Looking to buy a luxury stool for your home or bedroom then how about this folding stool there's inches thick high density memory foam for a soft yet supported seat and the covering is cream PU leather that looks and feels like real leather and the wooden frame and wooden legs are made from strong maple wood, there's a foot board on the stool so you can rest your feet on the foot board rather than the floor, if you have short legs then this is ideal as your legs and feet won't tire so quickly.
Tahiti White Therapist Stool, Luxury House Stool.

Luxury House Stool

When not is use you can fold the stool out of the way and store the stool under your bed, in a wardrobe, behind the door or leaning against a wall.

Use the luxury stool in the bedroom when you need a seat to do your hair or makeup, use the luxury stool around the house whenever you need a temporary chair and want something a bit special.

In the beauty or massage salon use the chair for sitting close to your client whilst you offer beauty treatment and massage or support the client's arms and legs on the stool whilst you massage or vanish nails on hands and feet.

This folding massage stool, with cream PU leather and light tan coloured maple wood is beautiful as well as functional, with a folding design which means that the stool won't take up much room and a solid wood frame and legs that means the stool is stable and with four legs you won't feel any wobbles or stability issues.

Delivery is free and with free next day delivery order today and your be sitting g on your luxury folding stool tomorrow, you get 12 months free warranty too so if you're not happy and there are problems it's great to know you have a full warranty.
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