Tahiti White Therapist or Bedroom Stool.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti White Therapist or Bedroom Stool the Luxury PU Leather Folding Stool with Quality Maple Wood Frame and Foot Board.

If you looking for a luxury bedroom stool with luxury white PU leather and inches thick high density memory foam with beautiful maple wood frame then buy the Tahiti White Bedroom Stool, the wooden frame folds easily so the stool is easy to store under your bed or in a wardrobe when not in use, at this cheap price why not buy two bedroom stools.
Tahiti White Therapist or Bedroom Stool, Luxury PU Leather Folding Stool.

Luxury PU Leather Folding Stool

If you're a beauty therapist or a massage therapist you often need to sit close to your clients whilst you offer massage or beauty treatments so why not sit on this luxury stool the high density memory foam will let you sit for an extended period of time without getting tired and if you need to extend a clients leg or arm out onto a stool what better stool to use than this luxury treatment stool.

If you spill any creams or lotions or oils you don't have to worry as the luxury PU leather is stain resistant simply wipe off with a cloth and the folding stool will look as good as new.

There's a foot board on the stool so you can place your feet securely on the footboard for extra stability without having to let your legs dangle down, if you get pins and needles sitting for any considerable time your find this stool really helps as being able to lift your feet up and not dangling will give better blood flow.

Because the stool folds it's easy to carry around if you're a mobile massage or beauty therapist then you won't have to struggle with some heavy chair this stool is super lightweight and compact when folded and easy to put in the boot of your car on the back seat or foot well.

With a year's free warranty and free next day delivery you can order today and be sitting on this fabulous stool tomorrow.
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