Tahiti Twilight Home Massage Table.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti Twilight Home Massage Table for Mobile Massage Therapists and Student Study the Folding Table with Luxury PU Leather and Inches Thick Foam.

If you're a mobile massage therapist or massage therapy student on a ITEC course or just want your own massage table at home there is no better and more functional table than the Tahiti Twilight Home Massage Table.
Tahiti Twilight Home Massage Table, Mobile Massage Therapist, Student Study.

Mobile Massage Therapist, Student Study

It's a folding massage table so massage students can easily carry the folded table to class and home again on the backseat of the car or the bus, the table folds in upon itself and the two halves of the table form a very neat carry case with a large comfortable handle on the carry case it's easy to work around with the carry case without it getting heavy.

For a mobile massage therapist the table when folded is easy to store and if you're buying the massage table for home use it's ideal to fold and store the table between massages, whether your using the massage table at home with your partner or a mobile massage therapist callijng to offer massage the table when unfolded is a full size massage table that's very comfortable with inches of memory foam and luxury PU leather in a dark grey/black colour which looks very elegant and every bit the executive massage table.

The PU leather has an easy wipe clean surface for spills of creams and oils and there's a face bung in the middle of the table for massage clients who like to remove the face bung and pear through the massage table, there's also a removable face cradle for added luxury and practicality, there's side arm rests too and a hand cradle for resting your arms in whilst your having a massage.
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