Tahiti Sapphire Student Massage Table.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti Sapphire Student Massage Table the Home Massage Table in Black, Cream Colour with the Cheapest Price and Highest Quality.

Doing a ITEC massage course or been given a massage lesson or gift experience for a massage school then your need to buy your own table so you can start practising and there's no better massage table than the Tahiti Sapphire Massage Table, a massage table that you can not only use for your training but if you go into business for yourself, your be able to use this massage table for your business as it's very luxurious and a top quality product.
Tahiti Sapphire Student Massage Table, Home Massage Table.

Home Massage Table

With a hard wearing and luxury looking PVC leather covering with an inch of high density memory foam under the PVC leather creating a very comfortable massage table and beautiful too with a strong beech wood frame and legs that folds easily so you can carry your massage table, with a maximum massage client weight on the table of 28 stone there's no one that you can't give a massage too from children through to the heaviest adult, male or female.

In the table is a removable face bung, if you or your massage client want to use the hole in the massage table to rest their face simply pull out the face bung and when you want to block the hole simply replace the face bung.

For carrying around to massage class or just storing at home your love the fact that the massage table folds down to a small carry case size.

The massage table is fully height adjustable, don't give yourself a bad back straining to bend down or reach up to your massage client, this massage table is fully height adjustable and easy to change the height too.
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