Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair the Beauty Salon Massage Chair for Back Massage and Neck Massage.

If you want to give predominantly neck massage or back massage in a public space then the best way to do it is with the Beauty Salon Massage Chair, you don't need a separate room and the privacy of a massage table, the massage chair immediately implies that this is a lot less private massage than a massage table and ideal for more public massage areas like beauty salons and for use by beauty therapists who might not be trained in massage but would be able to give a neck or back massage.
Tahiti Ruby Pink Massage Chair, Beauty Salon Massage Chair.

Beauty Salon Massage Chair

For the home the Beauty Salon Massage Chair is ideal for anyone who finds lying down on a massage table difficult due to arthritis or being overweight or pregnant, its a lot easier to sit down in the massage chair and receive massage than climb onto a massage table and a lot less revealing which some people who would like massage are put off by and find a Beauty Salon Massage Chair more relaxing, less intimidating and less revealing.

With adjustable face cradle, inches of high density memory foam under a luxurious pink PU leather coating that looks and feels like real leather.

With a maximum massage client weight of 56 stone everyone no matter how big or obese can have a stress relieving and quality massage on a massage chair where they wouldn't be able to climb up onto a massage table.

With free next day delivery and free 12 month warranty you can order your massage chair today and be sitting in comfort receiving a massage tomorrow.

For the home user either have a friend or partner offer massage or contact a mobile massage therapist to call on your home and offer massage on your very own massage table, if your pregnant your enjoy having found a chair you can sit on comfortably and a chair that's fully adjustable to suit the position you want to sit or even kneel in.
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