Tahiti Quartz Beauty Massage Table.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti Quartz Beauty Massage Table the Full Size Folding and Portable Massage Table with Super Strong 40 Stone Maximum User Weight.

A massage table and beauty therapist table combined the Tahiti Quartz Beauty Massage Table has an adjustable back rest that can adjust from flat to angled so you can use the table flat like a conventional massage table or with the backrest angled for beauty treatment work like makeup, head massage, alternative therapy, shoulder and neck massages.
Tahiti Quartz Beauty Massage Table, Full Size Folding and Portable Massage Table.

Full Size Folding and Portable Massage Table

With a choice of colours including black, cream and lilac purple you can choose a massage table that best matches your style from black for the executive market to cream for the fashionable and stylish to lilac purple for the more modern or alternative style.

The massage table folds in on itself the two outer sides becoming a carry case holding the massage table, there's a big handle on the top which makes the massage table easy to carry in your hand or between the car as it will easily fit in the car boot on the backseat or on the passenger seat you can even carry the folded massage table in the foot well between the backseat and the front seat.

Buy the folding massage table for home use where you can offer massages to your friends or receive massage from a friend or partner or invite a mobile massage therapist round and hold your own spa days with your friends.

For students studying massage maybe on a ITEC course or similar you're going to need your own massage table for classes and to offer massage once your qualified, don't get something nasty looking whilst it might be OK for class no one will want to pay to have a massage on a nasty looking table.
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