Tahiti Opal Massage Table, Black.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti Opal Massage Table with Black, Cream and Pink Massage Tables for Home or >b>Travel Folding Massage Table.

Want to learn massage, following a ITEC massage course or just want to buy a massage table for home use then buy the Tahiti Opal Massage Table you can choose from 3 different colours cream, black and pink the covering on these massage tables is PU leather which looks very authentic and luxurious and will not only help you learn massage but is the perfect table for use as a massage business.
Tahiti Opal Massage Table, Black, Cream and Pink Massage Tables.

Black, Cream and Pink Massage Tables

For home use if your fed up with less than clean beauty salons or impersonal spas then why not buy a massage table for your home, contact a mobile massage therapist and invite them to use your own massage table in your own home.

If you're a mobile massage therapist then there is no need to carry around a big, old and heavy massage table when the new generation of luxurious PU leather massage tables are available, if you're a mobile massage therapist and your still using a cheap and nasty kitchen table type massage table that is functional but not at all luxurious then give your massage clients a treat and upgrade to the Tahiti Opal Massage Table.

With the PU leather coating stains and spills just wipe clean and with inches of high density memory foam your massage clients will feel very luxurious, the strong and lightweight frame is made from beach and has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 38 stone so everyone, young and old, lightweight and heavyweight can get a great massage without the worry of what massage table to use.

As well as a removable face cradle there's a removable face bung too, when you don't want the face hole in the table simply insert the bung and when you do simply remove, the face cradle and face bung can all be stored on special hooks underneath the table.

The table folds up into its own suitcase, all the accessories that you store under the table when in operation can still stay on the hooks attached under the table when you fold the table, so you won't lose any accessories as you move the massage table from place to place.
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