Tahiti Onyx Superlight Folding Massage Table.

Read Review and Buy the Tahiti Onyx Superlight Folding Massage Table with Superlight Aluminium Frame and Face Cradle, Face Bung, Arm Rests and Hand Rest.

Want to buy a massage table for home or commercial use then the Tahiti Onyx Superlight Folding Massage Table is a popular choice, it's a folding massage table that folds up into its own carry case with a large comfortable handle on the top if you have to carry the folded massage table for any distance.
Tahiti Onyx Superlight Folding Massage Table, Superlight Aluminium Frame.

Superlight Aluminium Frame

The massage table is available in dark grey/black, white/cream and pink with a PU leather fabulously luxurious cover that looks and feels like real leather.

The folding massage table is very strong using superlight aluminium for the frame and legs and can support a massage client weighing 56 stone so everyone can have a massage regardless of size or weight.

The height of the massage table is easy to adjust so you won't be reaching up or too high for your massage clients, as this is very tiring trying to apply pressure when your too low or too high.

Uniquely for a folding massage table there's a detachable hand rest and arm rests and face cradle and removable face bung, all these accessories are included and all the accessories can be stored on special hooks under the massage table and when folded these accessories stay inside the table so you don't have lost of accessories to lose or carry when you're moving the massage table from place to place.

If you're a mobile massage therapist then having a folding massage table is ideal as you can easily carry the massage table into clients homes and in and out of your car and with the large carrying handle its easy to move the table from the car to the massage clients home.

If you're a massage centre or beauty salon the Tahiti Onyx Superlight Folding Massage Table is a great table as when it's not in use you can fold it away out of the way and the same if your buying the massage table for home, when not in use slide the folded massage table under your bed or store it behind a door out the way.

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