SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer.

SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer with 6 Pre Set Programs including Rolling, Valley, Fat Burn, Ramp, Fitness Test and Random.

With 6 different exercise programmes there's plenty of choice on the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer so you won't get bored and as well as being able to choose the exercise programme you can also choose the maximum resistance level that the elliptical trainer should use so the elliptical trainer won't push you harder than you can achieve of course with the heart rate control system the elliptical trainer can push you very hard but always monitoring your heart rate to keep you safe.
SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer, 6 Pre Set Programs.

6 Pre Set Programs, Rolling, Valley, Fat Burn, Ramp, Fitness Test, Random

Your heart rate is calculated by measuring your pulse using handlebar pulse sensors that automatically measure your pulse as soon as you touch the handlebars this pulse information is then used to calculate your heart rate and the maximum heart rate you do whilst exercising is continuously analysed and compared with the maximum heart rate you have entered on the digital display should you be working harder than you should the elliptical trainer will automatically reduce the resistance level.

Of course as well as reducing the resistance level when monitoring your heart rate the elliptical trainer can also decide to increase the resistance level if it believes your heart rate should be increased so the elliptical trainers computer is like having a particularly hard personal trainer monitoring you, offering feedback by the screen and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals.

The stride length on this elliptical trainer is adjustable so whether your tall or short you can adjust (no tools required) how far your legs move backwards and forwards as the taller you are the larger stride length you will have.

The colour digital display is very well laid out making excellent use of contrasting colours and icons which are easy to understand and the screen protection above the screen helps make the screen readable in all lighting conditions.
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