Reebok iTrainer S Series Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Read Review and Buy the Reebok iTrainer S Series Elliptical Cross Trainer the Bestselling iTrainer for Low Impact Exercise.

Reebok produce the bestselling iTrainer range and with the new Reebok iTrainer S Series Elliptical Cross Trainer Reebok have another bestseller on their hands, with free next day delivery (buy today and be using your elliptical cross trainer tomorrow) and free 12 month warranty and reduced sale price there's much to recommend the Reebok iTrainer S Series Elliptical Cross Trainer.
Reebok iTrainer S Series Elliptical Cross Trainer, Bestselling iTrainer.

Bestselling iTrainer

This new stylish all white design makes the new iTrainer look even better than previous iTrainer models, you get manual resistance and low impact exercise for the whole family, if your trying to minimise injury to knees, feet or legs maybe from a previous injury then the low impact iTrainer is to be recommended.

With a new look the all white iTrainer Elliptical Cross Trainer looks very stylish and features a 20kg rear flywheel for the ultimate in stability and ease of use, as you use the paddles your notice how smooth they are with no jerky movements or difficult to start problems.

With a 15 inch stride length even the tallest of people can use the elliptical trainer, if you have ever found your feet rubbing or knocking on the front of an elliptical trainer and your heals moving out the back of the footplate then you have been using a elliptical trainer with two small a stride length (the length between your front foot and back foot as you stride).

You get 8 levels of manual resistance for complete control on how hard (or easy) you want your cross training session to be, with Reeboks own M-force braking system your find braking, speeding up and slowing down are smooth wobble free experiences unlike some of the other major manufacturers.

You get 4 exercise programmes built in which have been designed by doctors and sportsmen to give the best low impact elliptical cross train workout for the home whether your looking for weight loss, toning your legs or bottom or just keeping fit.
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