Reebok iBike iSeries CV Magnetic Home Exercise Bike.

Read Review and Buy the Reebok iBike iSeries CV Magnetic Home Exercise Bike, the White Exercise Bike featuring 18 Stone Max Rider Weight, Calories and Heart Rate Measurement.

Buy the stylish all white exercise bike from Reebok, the latest exercise bike from the popular iSeries CV range of Reebok exercise bikes, CV meaning Cardio Vascular exercise, a great way to stay trim, lose weight or just burn a few calories at home so those extra calories don't turn to fat.
Reebok iBike iSeries CV Magnetic Home Exercise Bike, White Exercise Bike.

White Exercise Bike

The large, comfortable and sprung seat (or saddle if you prefer) will let you sit on the bike for extended periods without getting a sore bottom, so you're more likely to want to use an exercise bike if the seat is comfortable.

The strong frame ensures that even riders weighing 18 stone and above can use the Reebok iBike iSeries Exercise Bike safely without worrying about wobbles or stability.

The Reebok iBike iSeries Exercise is a modern exercise bike and that means quiet, using super silent magnetic resistance to prevent any noise, whirring or other mechanical sounds you can safely use the Reebok iBike iSeries Exercise at home at night or in the early hours and no one will be hearing strained sounds from your exercise bike.

The other advantage of magnetic resistance is that the systems has few moving parts so less to wear out and a exercise bike that will last for years, there's a 2 year warranty which covers parts too, so any problems and your get a free replacement or free repair.

There's a digital display mounted between the handlebars and this shows you your speed, the distance you have cycled, the calories you have burned whilst cycling and the display is extremely easy to use.
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