Powertech Pegasus Home Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance.

Read Review and Buy the Powertech Pegasus Home Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, the Quality Exercise Bike with Cheap Price, Hardwearing Materials and Essential Features like a Comfortable Seat with Free Delivery and One Year Guarantee.

Looking to buy a quality exercise bike that's hardwearing yet with a cheap price there's only one choice if you want a good deal and a great exercise bike buy the Powertech Pegasus Home Exercise Bike.
Powertech Pegasus Home Exercise Bike with Magnetic Resistance, Quality Exercise Bike.

Quality Exercise Bike

Included is a advanced training computer with digital display that will display for you the distance you have cycled, the speed your cycling at, the calories your burning whilst your cycling, your heart rate as measured by pulse sensors built inside the handlebars and your speed measured in RPM Revolutions Per Minute.

The handlebar pulse sensors measure the pulse in the palm of your hand as you grip the handlebars, your heart rate is then calculated from your pulse much the same way that your Doctor or nurse would take your pulse and calculate your heart rate which is then displayed on the digital screen, knowing your heart rate as you cycle will help you see your fitness level improve over time and know if your exercising too hard or not hard enough.

The resistance to your pedalling is fully adjustable from a hand wheel on the steering column, this resistance is supplied by a magnetic resistance system which has the added advantage that its near silent in operation so you won't wake or trouble any other members of your household if you exercise early or late at night, magnetic resistance as well as being super quiet also has few moving parts so there's a lot less to go wrong and your exercise bike will last for years without any major servicing.

The Powertech Pegasus Home Exercise Bike has been designed specifically with a free wheel motion to make cycling on the Powertech Pegasus Home Exercise Bike as realistic as possible, when you stop pedalling the cycle will still continue to freewheel and glide along just like a normal cycle would, giving you a very realistic feel to your cycling.
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