Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer the Tough, Strong and Hardwearing trainer for Home Use with 24 Stone Maximum User Weight.

Excellent value for money the Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer punches well above its price range with a home use cross trainer that would be just as at home in a busy gym, this elliptical trainer is built to last. With a high spec training computer which includes 12 exercise programmes built in to motivate you and keep you cross training and reaching your exercise goals, exercise programmes for weight loss, toning, core strengthening, heart rate control, keep fit and much more.
Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Tough, Strong, Hardwearing.

Tough, Strong, Hardwearing

The Powertech Hurricane Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer will calculate your body fat automatically and count your calories whilst monitoring your heart rate too, the easy to ready display screen shows you all your data, easily see how many calories your using up, your percentage bodyfat (which will reduce week on week as you continue to exercise on the elliptical cross trainer) and your heart rate which is measured by pulse sensors embedded into the handlebars.

With 12 exercise programmes included you might think that's enough, but you can also make and save your own exercise programmes, combine heart rate control with weight loss or slow exercise with a fast and furious last few minutes, the choice is yours.

Made from tough steel tube the elliptical cross trainer will happily support a user with a body weight of 24 stone and the large ergonomically designed non-slip foot pedals will hold even the largest feet comfortably and safely.

There's 16 levels of resistance to choose from these determine how difficult it is to pedal, the resistance level is adjusted from handlebar buttons as well; as the centre console making it very easy to tailor any exercise programme to your own requirements, you can cross train manually by simply pressing start and selecting resistance level and speed or make use of one of the many exercise programmes which are built in, any of the exercise programmes can be fully adjusted whilst your exercising changing the resistance level, making the exercise session hard, easier, faster, slower but always enjoyable.
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