IronMan Folding Home Sit Up Bench.

Read Review and Buy the IronMan Folding Home Sit Up Bench with Two Dumbbells Included, Folds Flat for Storage.

Buy the IronMan Folding Home Sit Up Bench and get everything you need included, you get two 1,5kg dumbbells included so you can start weight training straight away and with free next day delivery, order today and your be weight training tomorrow.
IronMan Folding Home Sit Up Bench, Two Dumbbells Included.

Two Dumbbells Included

The bench is curved this has been proven to be the most effective shape for increasing the intensity of your sit ups your get great abs and chest quicker than using a flat sit up bench.

The IronMan Folding Home Sit Up Bench is a folding design, when not in use the bench leg folds in and the bench folds completely flat so you can store the sit up bench under a bed, against a wall or even hanging on the wall out of the way.

There's dual leg and foot bars on the bench for a range of sit up positions whether you have short legs or long legs.

There's a storage rack underneath the sit up bench which will hold your two dumbbells securely when the bench is folded, keep your dumbbells with the sit up bench so they are close at hand when you need them and if you have young children in the house then keeping the dumbbells in the storage rack is a great safety feature and will prevent any accidents.

There's thick padded leg supports and easily adjustable leg and foot bars, turn the big hand wheel to unscrew and adjust the height of the bars.

A beautiful and stylish sit up bench with jet black gloss sit bench seat, padded for extra comfort with black leg supports and bright shiny silver coloured steel.

Delivery is free of charge and its next day delivery too so order today and start getting a great six pack tomorrow.
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