IronMan 3 Station Cheap Multigym.

Read Review and Buy the IronMan 3 Station Cheap Multigym, the Home Workout Gym with Over 25 Exercises In One.

With 150lbs weight include on the weight stack the IronMan 3 Station Cheap Multigym has everything you need to start using your own multigym at home straight away, add any weight from the weight stack to the machines on the multigym with the minimum weight size and increment set to 15lbs everyone can use the IronMan 3 Station Cheap Multigym to get a great workout just like the would at the gym but all in the comfort of your own home.
IronMan 3 Station Cheap Multigym, Home Workout Gym.

Home Workout Gym

Made from strong steel box section and using a steel braid cable system with protective plastic outer sheaf you won't find a safer multigym at any price.

The multigym is called 3 station as there are 3 distinct exercise machines built in these exercise machines allow you to do many variations of exercise working specific muscles or parts of the body, these 3 stations are an ab station for working your abductor muscles, a leg station for working your leg muscles, a lateral pull down bar, straight and butterfly press, chest exercise stations and leg extension bar with ankle strap for side kicks.

The ankle strap for side kicks is widely used by swimmers to strength train their legs, so if you like you're swimming the IronMan 3 Station Cheap Multigym is the one top buy.

Theres also a chain handlebar for rowing and bicep extensions.

On the lat pulldown bar you can do front lat pulldowns, rear lat pulldowns, assisted crunches to get great 6 pack abs and triceps extensions, on the chest section there's a butterfly press and a straight press and shoulder press and only the flip of a lever to switch between them, other makes of multigym would have you recable or move springs to change the equipment type but not worth the IronMan 3 Station Cheap Multigym, its all built in.
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