IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer.

IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer with Large Footplates and Plenty Of Room To Stand.

The IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer has large non-slip patterned footplates that give you plenty of room to stand even for large UK size 13 shoes and large (tall) stride lengths, the elliptical trainer is strong and supports a maximum user weight of 20 stone and is made from tube and plate steel.
IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer, Large Footplates.

Large Footplates, Plenty Of Room To Stand

A 7kg flywheel inside the elliptical trainer provides a fluid motion that gives the trainer a more natural feel and makes the pedalling up and down on the paddles more fluid and natural feeling and not at all mechanical.

There's two sets of handlebars a moving handlebar and a fixed handlebar the fixed handlebar provides a step machine action shaping and toning muscles in the lower body, muscles like your buttocks, thighs, calves and areas like your hips and tummy muscles as well as shape and tone using the moving handlebars provides a full body exercise incorporating the lower body exercises of the fixed handlebars and the additional exercises of the upper body workout of your arms and shoulders so with the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer you can choose between an upper body workout or a lower body workout and shaping and toning or a full cardiovascular workout.

The benefit of using the moving handlebars for a cardiovascular workout is that your using the whole body and two of the bodies largest muscle groups your arms and your legs getting the heart pumping and you doing your 30 minutes of moderate exercise that the doctors recommend.

The exercise computer with digital display is located between the handlebars and has large buttons that are easy to press when your exercising and displays your speed, time, distance, calorie consumption and pulse rate as recorded by a pulse sensor built into the handlebars.
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