IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine.

IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine the Air Resistance Rower with 8 Levels Of Resistance.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine is a home rowing machine that's uses air resistance and has a fan inside the rowing machine housing its just like the air resistance rowers you see in the gym and is not a magnetic rower the IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine is a full air resistance rower.
IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine, Air Resistence Rower.

Air Resistence Rower, 8 Levels Of Resistence

Air resistance is the best type of rowing machine that you can get whilst they used to be very expensive IM Fitness have made a home air resistance rower that's very good value for money and at a price that everyone can afford.

In an air resistance rower the fan inside the housing spins round when you pull the rowing machine handle and makes that lovely noised of air rushing past, the resistance to your rowing action is provided by a resistance dial mounted directly in front of you as your sat on the rower this resistance dial when turned actually adjusts the fan blades making the blades more or less susceptible to wind resistance (more or less aerodynamic) so when you select the resistance on the resistance dial the fan blades turn into the air or away from the air becoming easier or harder top spin.

Air resistance is of course very environmentally friendly as your only using the air to create the resistance.

This air resistance rowing machine is foldable you lift up the long beam and the beam will lock into place in a vertical position giving you more floor space and then when your ready to use the rowing machine again unlock the long bar and lower to the floor.

When folded wheels on the bottom of the rowing machine let you wheel the rower around so you can wheel the rower into a corner of the room or into another room for storage.
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