Fuel Fitness F80 Folding Home Treadmill.

Read Review and Buy the Fuel Fitness F80 Folding Home Treadmill the Gym Style Treadmill has Cooling Fans, Integrated MP3 Speakers, Handlebar Controls and Hill Incline.

Want to buy a home treadmill that's exactly like the treadmills you use in the gym, then buy the Fuel Fitness F80 Folding Home Treadmill it's got all the features you would expect of a commercial grade treadmill including cooling fans built into the display console to direct a cooling breeze onto you whilst you walk or run, or course this is fully controllable and you can switch the cooling off too.
Fuel Fitness F80 Folding Home Treadmill, Gym Style Treadmill.

Gym Style Treadmill

There's also MP3 speakers built into the display console, these stereo speakers will connect to your iPhone, iPod, iPad or MP3 player and play your music out through the stereo speakers, much nicer then wearing sweaty headphones or always trying to catch the headphones as they fall out of your ears because of the jogging motion.

There's handlebar controls too for speed increase and decrease, hill incline to raise the treadmill to create a hill like your running up hill, especially good for getting strength in your legs and great muscle definition too.

The advantage of handlebar controls is that should you feel like your falling off you can quickly press the emergency stop button without actually having to move your hands from the handlebars, the same goes for changes in speed and incline, newcomers to running on a treadmill feel like they want to hold the handlebars tightly as they run and find it difficult to reach out to the control panel, by putting the controls on the handlebars the fear of reaching out whilst your running or walking is much reduced.

If you like the red LED displays you see on treadmills in the gym then your appreciate the Fuel Fitness F80 Folding Home Treadmill as it uses the same red LEDS to show you your statistics and draws out your exercise programme path using the same red LED's.

With a powerful 4HP electric motor the Fuel Fitness F80 Folding Home Treadmill can cope with a 24 stone runner pounding the treadmill so that's a pretty good indication of how strong and hardwearing the Fuel Fitness F80 Folding Home Treadmill is.ng just like a normal cycle would, giving you a very realistic feel to your cycling.
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