Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Read Review and Buy the Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, the Quality Exercise Bike that's a Strong Bike yet Lightweight.

With a high quality well beyond its discounted price the Cintura brand has produced another exercise bike that has great specification and a strong robust frame which will support up to and including a 16 stone rider weight.
Cintura Tempest Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Quality Exercise Bike.

Quality Exercise Bike

The digital display and exercise computer mounted between the handlebars is a very high quality and the sort of display you would expect to find on exercise bikes costing twice as much money, the display is colour and shows you your time taken, time remaining, current cycling speed, distance cycled and displays your heart rate and the calories you have burned whilst you have been cycling.

Pulse sensors inside the handlebars measure the pulse in the palm of your hands as you grip the handlebars, this pulse information is then used to calculate your heart rate (in much the same was a medical Doctor or nurse would take your pulse), the heart rate measured in BPM Beats Per Minute is then displayed on the screen, the calorie counter displays the number of calories your burning as you cycle (you enter your weight for an exact calorie reading).

If you're trying to lose weight and following any sort of calorie controlled diet then knowing how many calories your burning will help you lose weight or if you like the occasional treat like a chocolate bar or packet of crisps then why not read how many calories they contain on the packet and then cycle until you have burned away that exact amount of calories, it's the only way to have guilt free chocolate.

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