Cintura Tempest Home Use Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Cintura Tempest Home Use Elliptical Cross Trainer with Large Foot Plates, Dual Handlebars, Heart Rate and Calorie Display.

For a quality elliptical cross trainer that's suitable for home use and by that we mean easy to store and does not weigh a ton so it's possible to move around your home, there's great features too like large foot plates so your feet won't slip of the foot plates as you cross train and there's dual handlebars too, having two sets of handle bars makes for a very flexible elliptical cross trainer as you can use the stationary or static handlebars for a stepping action and the moving handlebars for an elliptical cross train again, it's like having two machines in one.
Cintura Tempest Home Use Elliptical Cross Trainer, Large Foot Plates, Dual Handlebars.

Large Foot Plates, Dual Handlebars

On the colour digital display which is mounted right in front of you behind the handlebars your find displays for both heart rate and calories used whilst exercising, pulse sensors inside the handlebars measure the pulse in your hands as you hold the handlebars and display this as heart rate information on the display, by entering your weight into the digital display your exact calorie count can be calculated whilst you exercise which is ideal if your following any sort of diet plan or calorie controlled diet as you can see exactly how many calories your burning as your burning them, if you want to know how long it will take you to burn off that packet of crisps you had earlier, exercising on the Cintura Tempest Home Use Elliptical Cross Trainer will show you.

Able to support a user weighing up to 16 stone in weight everyone can use this cross trainer at home to lose weight, get fit or maintain your fitness levels.

Inside the elliptical cross trainer is a 5kg flywheel, this large flywheel ensures steady momentum as you use the elliptical cross trainer preventing jerky movements and slow difficult starts your notice how smooth and easy to maintain a elliptical cross train action on the handlebars and pedals it is with a 5kg flywheel to provide that extra stability.
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