Cintura Sports iVibrate Home Vibration Plate.

Read Review and Buy the Cintura Sports iVibrate Home Vibration Plate the Stand On Vibrating Plate with Remote Control, Easy Storage Design and Large Plate.

Looking to buy a home vibration plate, the Cintura Sports iVibrate Home Vibration Plate is a large vibration plate that you stand on for vibration exercise, the vibration plate features a remote control so when you're standing on the plate you don't have to bend down tom make any adjustments or programme selections.
Cintura Sports iVibrate Home Vibration Plate, Stand On Vibrating Plate.

Stand On Vibrating Plate

The Cintura Sports iVibrate Home Vibration Plate is easy to store too as it easily slides under a bed or in a wardrobe out of the way when not in use.

With an 18kg weight and 200 watts of power, this is a powerful yet stable vibration plate with lots of different speed and exercise programme settings to choose from.

Great for sitting or lying exercises, vibration plates are one third more effective than conventional exercises so if you where to do 3 exercises on the floor you would only have to do 2 exercises on the vibration plate to get the same exercise benefits that's why sports men and women use vibration plates you get more benefit for less effort.

Using the remote control you can select any of 50 different speed options and the high quality 200w motor makes for a stable and firm vibration that's fully adjustable from light massage to intense body moving vibrations.

20 speed levels are available so whether your a beginner or a vibration plate expert your have plenty settings to choose from and with a huge maximum 10 mm vibration amplitude if you like large vibrations and large massage movements your love some of the higher level settings.

With free next day delivery you can buy your vibration plate today and be enjoying vibration exercise tomorrow, there's a full 12 months warranty too so any problems will quickly be addressed.
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