Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine with Hinge System Rear Stabiliser, Foldable For Storage.

The Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine is a full size rower for home use that uniquely folds away fro storage and has a rear hinge stabiliser to provide a very safe and stable rowing machine where you can row as vigorously as you like.
Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Hinge System Rear Stabiliser.

Hinge System Rear Stabiliser, Foldable For Storage

This indoor rower is very quiet thanks to the electronic magnetic resistance system that's used this system controls the resistance that's the force you're pulling against on the handlebars the resistance is adjustable from the resistance dial located directly in front of you when your sat on the rower there's 8 levels of resistance to choose from with level 1 being the lowest and level 8 being the highest if your new to rowing start rowing at level 1 and then over the coming weeks as you progress increase the resistance level to 2.

This is a full size rowing machine with a long aluminium beam that's very smooth so the seat glides easily back and forth and does not increase the resistance level you have selected the seat is cushioned and ergonomically designed.

The digital display and rowing computer are located just above the resistance dial and the screen is large enough that you can read the display even on the rowing machines backwards stroke, if your wearing a heart rate chest strap or a pulse rate watch or an ear lobe pulse reader or any other type of heart rate wireless transmitter the heart rate data will automatically be displayed on the rowing machine as soon as the wireless device is in range of the rowing machine screen.

To fold the rowing machine away after use simply pull the long beam upwards and it will turn on its hinge and lock in an upright position this lifts the long beam off the floor giving you much more room in your house when the rower is not in use.
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