Cintura Omega Exercise Bike.

Read Review and Buy the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, the Foot Powered Exercise Bike with No Mains or Batteries Required.

Do you want to buy an exercise bike that you can use in a spare room, in the shed or garage or anywhere that you don't have mains electricity or would you just like an exercise bike that's green and economical saving you money and saving the planet then the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is the one to buy as you won't need a electricity socket as you cycling makes the whole bike go round.
Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Foot Powered Exercise Bike.

Foot Powered Exercise Bike

If your elderly and be encouraged to take some rehabilitation and just want a small stationary exercise bike to aid your rehabilitation then the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is a ideal choice, if you don't have much room and want something to help you exercise and stay fit without having to go outside and get cold and wet then the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is an excellent choice.

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is built to last without need expensive servicing or anything like that the resistance to your cycling is maintained by a variable magnetic resistance system, you set the resistance that your comfortable peddling against from a dial on the steering column, the resistance system is magnetic resistance this has few moving parts so there's nothing t go wrong and no expensive repair bills, also magnetic systems are very quiet so if you're in accommodation where you shouldn't make much noise then the Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is an ideal choice.

The large digital display is easy to read even if you have taken your glasses off for exercise and the large, comfortable and well padded seat or saddle will keep you wanting to cycle for longer and longer.
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