Cintura 2000 Magnetic Home Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Read Review and Buy the Cintura 2000 Magnetic Home Elliptical Cross Trainer an Easy Move Large Flywheel Cross Trainer with Handlebar Pulse Sensors, Calorie Counter and Training Computer.

Buying an elliptical cross trainer but want to make sure it's not hard to exercise on, some elliptical cross trainers have a very small flywheel or don't even have a flywheel at all this means that their movement is jerky and rough with constant stop starts, with the Cintura 2000 Magnetic Home Elliptical Cross Trainer and it's large 10kg flywheel you won't have such problems as the rear mounted large flywheel keeps the momentum going and prevents stop start jerky motion.
Cintura 2000 Magnetic Home Elliptical Cross Trainer, Easy Move Large Flywheel Cross Trainer.

Easy Move Large Flywheel Cross Trainer

With handlebar pulse sensors inside the handlebars simply place your hands on the handlebars as you use the elliptical cross trainer and your pulse will be read and a heart rate calculated in much the same way that your Doctor or nurse can calculate your heart rate from your pulse, the heart rate is displayed on the large digital display located between the handlebars.

There's a 7 function training computer which can also count your calories, enter your weight and your exact calories will be displayed on the screen increasing as you burn more calories, if you have wondered how hard you must exercise or for how ling to work off that slice of chocolate cake or glass of wine now you can find out and as part of a calorie controlled diet it's essential to know how many calories your burning.

The digital computer will display the time in minutes and seconds you have been cross training for along with your current speed in strokes per minute.

Choose from 8 levels of resistance adjustable from the digital display, the resistance system used is magnetic so with few moving parts there's less to go wrong than on other elliptical cross trainers and with silent magnets there's no vibration noise or machine noise so you can exercise early in the morning or in the middle of the night without waking anyone.
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