Bodytrain 2000w Silver Home Vibration Plate.

Read Review and Buy the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Home Vibration Plate the Stand Up Vibrating Machine, Vibration Machine and Whole Body Massage.

Buy the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Home Vibration Plate and not only do you get a professional quality vibration plate that you stand on and that has handlebars to hold just like the vibration plates at the gym but you also get a whole body massage machine where you stand on the plate and can experience vibration massage from tiny vibrations to 1cm massive vibrations, massage your feet, massage your legs, massage your bottom and back the vibrations are whole body so your get a full body massage.
Bodytrain 2000w Silver Home Vibration Plate, Stand Up Vibrating Machine.

Stand Up Vibrating Machine

The Bodytrain 2000w Silver Home Vibration Plate features 3 digital red LED's that show you the time you have been using the vibration plate or massage machine, the speed of the vibrations and the results of a fat scan that can tell you how much fat is on your body using the BMI Body Mass Index method, use the vibration plate each week and your see your fat levels reduce.

Choose between automatic massage and automatic vibration machine or adjust the speed and vibration intensity yourself with manual mode, the powerful 2000 watt motor means that everyone up to a maximum weight of 23 stone can use this combined vibration plate and massage machine, with a maximum vibration amplitude of 1cm (10 mm) you can experience a deep sports massage or on lighter settings a very light massage.

Vibration plates are 30% more effective than pure exercise alone, if you where to do 3 exercises on the floor you would only have to do two exercises on the vibration plate to get exactly the same effect, that's why professional sports men and sports women are choosing to use a vibration plate for their exercise. With free next day delivery and 12 months free warranty and a new reduced price now is the time to buy the Bodytrain 2000w Silver Home Vibration Plate.
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