Bodytrain 2000w Black Home Vibration Plate.

Read Review and Buy the Bodytrain 2000w Black Home Vibration Plate the Vibrating Plate and Whole Body Massage Machine, Stand on Vibration Plate with Handrails.

Tried a vibration plate in the gym and want one at home then buy the professional Bodytrain 2000w Black Home Vibration Plate with handrails and automatic vibration exercises and whole body massage functions as well as automatic body fat calculation using BMI Body Mass Index.
Bodytrain 2000w Black Home Vibration Plate, Vibrating Plate and Whole Body Massage Machine.

Vibrating Plate and Whole Body Massage Machine

With a powerful 2000 watt motor the Bodytrain 2000w Black Home Vibration Plate is a solid and safe vibration plate with 70 speed levels and 10 mm maximum vibration (a huge vibration, if you like sports massages or hard massages use this feature for the best full body massage you have ever had).

The 3 LED digital displays can display all the important information at once without confusing scan modes that other vibration plate manufacturers use, with a maximum exercise user weight of 23 stone everyone can use this vibration plate from the heaviest to the lightest.

Choose from automatic vibration plate programmes and automatic whole body massage programmes or use the manual control function to adjust the speed and intensity of the vibrations manually.

Had a hard day at work on your feet all day then give yourself a whole body massage with a massage that moves from your feet up your legs and thighs, through your buttocks and arms all the way up your body relieving the days stresses, have a full body massage anytime you feel like it from when you get home from work till the middle of the night, your save yourself a fortune from visiting the spa for a massage.

With free next day delivery you can be enjoying vibration plate exercise or getting a whole body massage tomorrow, there's a free one year warranty too and the price has now been discounted.

The Bodytrain Black Vibration Plate has two large handlebars one for your feet and one for your hands if you're using the vibration machine for exercise or massage you can perform stretches and exercises using the handlebars resting your limbs and weight on the handlebars as you clench and rest your muscles its the use and relaxing of muscles whilst surrounded by the vibrations that firms your muscles and tones.

Use the vibration machine to shape and tone your buttocks, thighs, calves, ankles, stomach muscles, shoulder muscles and arm muscles predominantly and any exercises you do or just clenching and relaxing exercises will help the vibrations to work.

For both massage and exercise you can select the speed of the vibrations as well as the power or intensity of the vibrations some people will like a light vibration where it just feels like a little tingling all over your body and others will want a big powerful vibration that moves your muscles and is perfect for a deep tissue massage with the speed and power controls on the control panel in front of you, you can play with the settings to find the right exercise and massage speeds for yourself.

The vibration machine also comes with built in massage programmes and built in exercise programmes use the built in programmes to get a standard massage or exercise routine which you can still alter with the control panel speed and power settings if you need to but with the built in programmes your free to enjoy the massage or workout for the exercise programme without having to worry about individual settings.

In terms of exercise you can do any exercise you like either with your arms and legs on the handlebars or standing still or even with half your body on the vibration area and half your body on the floor as long as you can feel the vibrations any position is good.
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