Bodytrain 1500w Black Home Vibration Plate.

Read Review and Buy the Bodytrain 1500w Black Home Vibration Plate for Stand On Vibration with Handrails, Straps and Cords for Upper Body Exercise.

Want to buy a professional commercial quality vibration plate then buy the Bodytrain 1500w Black Home Vibration Plate, you stand on the large vibration plate and can hold onto the handrails whilst you exercise, for upper body exercises there are straps and cords included, pull these with your arms or use them as kick straps for your feet, if you're a swimmer your appreciate the kick straps as there is no better way to improve the muscles in your legs than using kick straps and with vibration plates being 30% more effective than exercise alone your getting a 30% boost in your leg exercises when you use a kick strap and a vibration plate together.
Bodytrain 1500w Black Home Vibration Plate, Stand On Vibration, Handrails.

Stand On Vibration, Handrails

To use the vibration plate simply stand on the foot plate and select either an automatic vibration plate programme or use the manual control to select your own speed and vibration intensity settings, as well as a vibration plate the Bodytrain 1500w Black Home Vibration Plate also has a full body massage function which uses the vibrations to give you a massage and of course because you can control the vibration intensity you can easily select a soft massage or a hard massage.

The control console has start and stop buttons and buttons to control the speed of the vibrations (increase and decrease) as well as the intensity of the vibrations (increase and decrease), you can also choose automatic programmes for both vibration plate and massage or manual settings to set the machine just the way you like it.

Delivery is free of charge, and its next day delivery too so order today and you being using your vibration plate tomorrow and enjoying a full body massage too.
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