BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym.

Read Review and Buy the BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym with 15 Different Exercises in One Home Gym.

Looking to buy equipment to keep fit and build muscle at home but not sure what home exercise equipment to get, why not buy just one piece of home gym equipment that will also include all the other pieces of gym equipment you have been thinking about the BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym is like having 15 separate pieces of gym equipment available but all occupying just the same small little space at home and only costing you the price of one piece of gym equipment.
BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym, 15 Different Exercises in One.

15 Different Exercises in One

The BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym is a home gym built around a weight bench so if you plan to do some weight lifting on a bench but realise that you also need to do some other strength training exercises then this bench gym is a really good buy.

At the top of the bench gym is a lat pull down bar (lateral pull down bar) use this for front and rear lat pulldowns as well as assisted crunches and triceps extensions, if you want a pair of six pack abs then doing assisted crunches on the lat pulldown bar of the BodyTrain XE-08 Bench Gym is how you get them.

There's a chest press too and you can use this as a butterfly press or as a straight press and you only need to move one lever to change the action of the chest press from straight to butterfly unlike some bench gyms that will actually require you to move steel cables and adjust springs to change from one piece of exercise equipment to the next.

There's a leg station too, use this for leg curls and leg extensions, its heavily padded so your legs won't get sore no matter how hard you exercise.
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