BodyTrain T1000 Home Treadmill.

Read Review and Buy the BodyTrain T1000 Home Treadmill the Most Popular Beginners Treadmill with Large LCD Display, Quick Button Access, Racetrack Display and Handrail Touch Controls.

Want to buy a home treadmill but don't know what to get, then buy the most popular home treadmill for sale in the UK, that's the BodyTrain T1000 Home Treadmill, with free next day home delivery you can order today and be running on your treadmill tomorrow and with the new lower price there's never been a better time to buy plus you get a free 12 month warranty too.
BodyTrain T1000 Home Treadmill, Most Popular Beginners Treadmill.

Most Popular Beginners Treadmill

The most striking thing about the BodyTrain T1000 Home Treadmill is its very large and very modern looking digital display which contains a racetrack style display so you can see yourself running (walking or jogging) round the racetrack, you can compete with yourself trying to beat yesterdays best time or just use the racetrack display to easily see at a glance home your progressing.

The buttons below the LCD display are quick buttons will allow you to quickly adjust the treadmills features with one button press no need to navigate complex menus or press a mode button twenty times.

On the handlebars are quick touch controls for speed increase, speed decrease, treadmill hill increase, treadmill hill decrease and emergency stop, the advantage of having these buttons on the handrails is that you don't have to move your hands away from the handrails to use the buttons, if you're a beginner then moving your hands off the treadmill can cause concern or cause you to wobble or lose your balance, with the controls literally at your fingertips your feel more secure and enjoy treadmill running or walking more.

The digital LCD display houses a training computer with 10 professionally designed exercise programmes, designed by doctors and sports professionals to give you a varied and better workout, with exercise programmes like marathon running, lose weight, increase cardio-vascular exercise and tone and shape.
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