BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Adjustable Saddle and Large Computer Console.

The BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike is a home exercise bike that's ideal for the whole family and features a large, well padded adjustable saddle and a large computer console mounted between the handlebars with large buttons below the display so the buttons are easy to press even whilst your cycling.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Adjustable Saddle.

Adjustable Saddle, Large Computer Console

There are 16 exercise programmes built into the exercise computer these programmes control the pedals, controlling how hard or easy it is to pedal, the computer adjusts the pedals to create different cycling routes or exercise programmes some routes are fast other are slow some are designed to burn fat whilst others are designed just for fun.

You can adjust the resistance level yourself as well as having the exercise programme do it for you just press the resistance increase or decrease buttons which are below the screen directly in front of you as your sitting on the exercise cycle.

The computer display is large with clear numbers that are easy to read and thanks to the double backlit the screen is easy to reward in direct sunlight as well as in the shade and so is perfect for any position in the house.

The BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike has multi position handlebars so you can use the exercise bike like a conventional bicycle by holding the handlebars horizontally or use the exercise bike as a racing bike by holding the handlebars vertically or stand up on the pedals and hold the handlebars at an angle.

The handlebars have a pulse meter which monitors your pulse rate in your hands when you hold the handlebars and displays your pulse on screen and there's also a calorie cou8nter on the digital display which shows you the calories you have burned whilst you have been exercising in real time.
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