BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill or read the review of this Manual Treadmill that does not require electricity to make it work so you can exercise in your shed, garage or conservatory.

Want a treadmill but don't have electricity in the room where you want to use the treadmill or just want a low cost treadmill that's got all the essential features and none of the expensive extras then the BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill is for you.
BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill, Manual Treadmill, No Electricity Required.

Manual Treadmill, No Electricity Required

The treadmill belt is powered round by your own walking or jogging as well as not wasting electricity and saving money on your electricity bill there's other great features to consider, with powered treadmills many times they can run away with you shooting you off the back with their power, with a manual treadmill whose speed is completely controlled by your own running or walking pace there's no such worries, want the treadmill to stop, simply stop walking or running there's no complicated computer with modes and numerous buttons to make it stop, it's the back to basics treadmill for people who want to save money.

All the essential features are included, there's a incline, if you like walking or running up hills or just like hills for a bit of occasional variety then your love the BodyTrain K855 Strider Treadmill as you can set different height hills easily from an adjustment at the front of the treadmill, on the handlebar column your also find a resistance adjustment, want to get more exercise and get fit faster then simply increase the resistance by turning the resistance wheel and it will be harder to walk or run, selected too much resistance e then simply turn the resistance wheel the other way, it's easy to use, makes sense and won't cause you any concern.

There's plenty of features too like a digital display that simply requires a battery to make it work (included) which will show you your speed, distance, time and even calculate the calories you are using up whilst you exercise, if your calorie counting or just like to know how long you have to exercise to get rid of the calories from that packet of crisps you had earlier then this treadmill will tell you.

Delivered free of charge and supplied with a free one year warranty.
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