BodyTrain IS650 Ultra Modern Exercise Bike.

Read Review and Buy the BodyTrain IS650 Ultra Modern Exercise Bike with 12 Exercise Programmes Plus Make Your Own with 4 Different User Memory.

Want to buy a very modern exercise bike that will fit into your home and not some old fashioned exercise bike like you often find at the gym then buy the BodyTrain IS650 Modern Exercise Bike which has 12 exercise programmes built in which change the effort level you need to pedal against to provide different cycling courses, choose from course like keep fit, lose weight, increase stamina, fast cycle, leisure cycle, tone and more.
BodyTrain IS650 Ultra Modern Exercise Bike, 12 Exercise Programmes Plus Make Your Own.

12 Exercise Programmes Plus Make Your Own

If you want more than 12 exercise programmes then design your own on the computers digital display you can then save your exercise programme for later use, 4 different people can store their settings like weight and age and exercise programme on this bike and have the individual settings reloaded at the press of a button.

With a large and comfortable bicycle saddle that's got lots of foam padding (just look in the picture to see how good the saddle is), the saddle is fully adjustable, not just up and down but forwards and backwards bringing the seat closer or further away from the handlebars, if you're pregnant or overweight your appreciate the extra room moving the seat backwards gives you.

The exercise bike is a very smart dark grey in colour with everything from the luxury foam saddle to the handlebars, body and feet all being dark grey resin coated so you have a very uniform look, a very modern look and an exercise bike that won't tarnish or look dirty and is also easy to clean sweat stains etc.

The exercise bike has everything from peddle straps, pulse sensors, heart rate display, fat measurement and silent operation and with free next day delivery you can't go wrong.
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