BodyTrain G8SP Racing Exercise Bike.

Read Review and Buy the BodyTrain G8SP Racing Exercise Bike the Indoor Training Bike for Exercise from Home.

Like spinning class at the gym and want your own quality spinning bike for use at home, then buy the BodyTrain G8SP Racing Exercise Bike which has free next day delivery (buy today and be cycling tomorrow), as well as a free 12 month warranty.
BodyTrain G8SP Racing Exercise Bike, Indoor Training Bike.

Indoor Training Bike

A fantastic indoor training bike at a remarkable price, the static bike is fully adjustable for different users height and weight, want to ride your bike but don't want to get cold or wet outside then a static indoor exercise bike is the best option for keeping fit and training, with a weighted front fly wheel the BodyTrain G8SP Racing Exercise Bike mimics the action of a racing bike on the road, your look and feel as if your road cycling.

You get a 10kg flywheel for the smoothest motion that's not jerky or shuddering unlike some static exercise bikes and you get a pad braking system which all the professional spinning bikes use and a chain transmission system for instant feedback on your cycling performance, you can 'feel' the wheels in the pedals just like on a conventional racing bike.

The pedals have both a safety strap for conventional trainers as well as toe clips for professional racers, the adjusting saddle not only adjusts up and down (vertically) but horizontally too moving the seat closer or further away from the steering column, if your large, you're welcome this feature so you're not hunched over the handlebars catching your knees on under the handlebars.

Directly in front of you is an emergency stop button which will bring the spinner to a immediate stop, suitable for riders up to 26 stone in weight.
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