Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike with Deluxe Multi Function Computer and Silent Magnetic Resistance.

The Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike has a large graphical computer display with quick access one touch buttons below the display to access the exercise bike features like electronic resistance control which is a magnetic system electronically controlled by the exercise computer and adjustable from the keypad as well as by the built-in exercise programmes of which there are 21 and they are all designed to give you a different cycling route.
Body Sculpture BC6760 Magnetic Exercise Bike, Deluxe Multi Function Computer.

Deluxe Multi Function Computer, Silent Magnetic Resistance

The exercise programmes are like different cycling routes some are all uphill some are easy and some are hard some are designed for weight loss whilst others are designed to shape and tone muscles like buttocks, thigh muscles, calf muscles, stomach muscles and the fat on your hips.

The exercise bike is mostly bright silver in colour with some dark grey detailing with black coloured saddle and handlebars and black coloured feet, the feet are large 'H' shaped feet which provides immense stability so the exercise bike will not turn over no matter how enthusiastic your cycling and with the rubber end plates your floors stay protected and scratch free.

The saddle moves up and down for height adjustment but also forwards and backwards for reach adjustment so you can bring yourself closer or further away from the handlebars so you can fit the space between the two giving yourself more or less room as required.

On the side of the feet are transport wheels which touch the floor when you tilt the exercise bike backwards, these transport wheels let you easily wheel the exercise bike backwards and forwards for easy storage in small spaces.

There's both body fat and pulse rate sensors on the handlebars and if you hold these whilst your cycling the pulse rate in your hands and your body fat (resistance between two hands) will be displayed on the screen.
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