AirKing Pro 8ft Small Garden Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Read Review and Buy the AirKing Pro 8ft Small Garden Trampoline with Safety Enclosure the Childrens Outdoor Trampoline for Playtime Fun in the Garden.

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AirKing Pro 8ft Small Garden Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Childrens Outdoor Trampoline.

Childrens Outdoor Trampoline

If your garden is average size not too big but not a postage stamp either then consider the AirKing Pro 8ft Small Garden Trampoline all the trampoline safety equipment is included like trampoline ladder and safety enclosure, this is the safety fence that's made of elastic netting that prevents your children from falling out of the trampoline by gently pushing them back should they fall on the trampoline edge or get too close.

The springs are covered by closed cell foam padding so everything is safe and the safety enclosure poles are covered with high density safety foam too, the rubber mat gives the trampoline great bounce and is water drainable so won't stay wet even after lots of rain, the trampoline materials are sunlight and UV resistant so they won't crack or colour fade and the legs and frame are made from galvanised steel and carry a 5 year anti-rust warranty.

The trampoline springs are fastened to the trampoline rubber by stitching, other makes of trampoline will use two or three rows of stitching for each spring, AirKing use 10 rows of stitching and that's why AirKing trampolines give such good service year after year.

The trampoline is great for your children to play on in the garden as well as being a great way for adults to get fit, lose weight and keep fit, all that cardio-vascular exercise will keep you trim and bouncing will help trim and firm buttocks and thighs.

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