AirKing Octagonal 12ft Home Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Read Review and Buy the AirKing Octagonal 12ft Home Trampoline with Safety Enclosure the Space Saving Trampoline you can Squeeze Into Any Garden.

Want a large trampoline for your garden but don't think you have the space then buy the AirKing Octagonal 12ft Home Trampoline, octagonal trampolines take up less space than round trampolines and have the added advantage of better bounce as octagonal trampolines are bouncy not just in the middle of the trampoline but on the entire surface of the trampoline.
AirKing Octagonal 12ft Home Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Space Saving Trampoline.

Space Saving Trampoline

If your garden is small or you just don't think you have room for a trampoline or don't know how to go about measuring your garden for a trampoline then buy the AirKing Octagonal 12ft Home Trampoline as it will fit lots of narrow and difficult shaped gardens.

You get free next day delivery, the trampoline is delivered in a box for home assembly, the standard large courier box can be stored inside your home until you get the chance to assemble the trampoline, the trampoline box will easily fit through a standard size door just in case your worrying.

Assembly will take approximately one hour and require two people, you could do the assembly all yourself but it's certainly easier with two people, one person to read the instructions and another person to hold parts whilst they are being assembled.

The assembly instructions are easy to follow and written in English by a real English speaker, the instructions are not some badly translated photocopy, there are drawings and illustrations showing you how to assemble the trampoline and a assembly support telephone number if you have any problems.

The AirKing Octagonal 12ft Home Trampoline has a super low discounted price and is a large trampoline that is suitable for both children and adults to play on together, the safety enclosure and trampoline ladder make this a complete trampoline package at a very good price.
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