AirKing Lite 10ft Outside Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Read Review and Buy the AirKing Lite 10ft Outside Trampoline with Safety Enclosure the Cheap Home Trampoline that's Lawn Safe.

Got a bit of space outside in the garden then buy the AirKing Lite 10ft Outside Trampoline for you and the children to play on, you don't even need a lawn as the large trampoline legs will support the trampoline on sand, soil, wooden decking, wood chip, concrete or paving slabs.
AirKing Lite 10ft Outside Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Cheap Home Trampoline.

Cheap Home Trampoline

The large legs won't dig in or ruin your lawn and no anchors are required to be hammered into the ground like you must do with some inferior trampoline manufactures.

Assembly of the trampoline will take approximately one hour, it's recommended that 2 people assemble the trampoline as one person can hold the parts whilst the other fits them together and reads the instructions but its possible for one person to put the trampoline together on their own, the instructions are in clear English with good diagrams and illustrations to help you identify the parts and put the trampoline together, there's even a helpline number if you get stuck and need some support.

All the tools required are included in the trampoline box and in fact only two tools are needed, the trampoline is delivered free of charge by next day courier and the standard courier box contains the trampoline parts, tools and instructions and will easily fit through a standard door frame at home so you can bring the trampoline box into your house until you have assembled the trampoline in the garden.

There's a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty as the steel legs and frame have been galvanised to protect the from rust and the rubber and plastic parts are resistant to sunlight and UV light so won't fade or crack and the rubber trampoline jumping mat is water resistant too.
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