AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline and Safety Enclosure with Self Draining Soft Touch Mat and Rust Proof Frame.

It rains in England so you better get a self draining trampoline so that when it does rain rainwater runs of the trampoline bounce mat and does not leave the trampoline waterlogged and prone to rot and mildew the AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline is completely weatherproof.
AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Self Draining Soft Touch Mat.

Self Draining Soft Touch Mat, Rust Proof Frame

The trampoline bounce mat is made from a synthetic rubber called woven polypropylene this is a highly elastic synthetic rubber that does not over stretch and allows rain water to fall through the surface of the rubber mat as the rubber mat is very finally woven.

The trampoline mat is also protected against UV (Ultra Violet) light radiation and is resistant to cracking and discoloration by bright sunshine the safety padding is also water and UV resistant as well as being resistant to cracking when bent, the safety padding is also shock absorbing so you won't hurt yourself if you land on it as its made from a closed cell polyurethane that stays flexible.

The frame and springs are steel that has been treated by zinc galvanising the metal this makes the metal rust proof and indeed the frame comes with a 5 year anti-rust warranty, the frame legs are large and solid and won't sink into your garden no matter how waterlogged your garden is and as well as grass you can use the trampoline on sand, soil, wood chip, concrete, wooden decking and any other hard standing.

The trampoline includes a safety enclosure this is a fence made of a strong netting material that surrounds the trampoline edge and prevents children and adults from falling off and even deliberately running at the safety enclosure they won't fall off as the netting is that strong.
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