AirKing Classic 12ft Garden Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Read Review and Buy the AirKing Classic 12ft Garden Trampoline with Safety Enclosure the High Bouncer that's Rain Proof, UV Protected and Rust Proof.

Looking to buy a nice big 12 foot trampoline (that's the same size as two adults lying down head to toe), perfect for your garden to keep the kids entertained and safe playing in your own garden.
AirKing Classic 12ft Garden Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, High Bouncer.

High Bouncer

With the included safety enclosure that wraps around the outside edge of the trampoline your children won't be able to fall out, the safety enclosure will gently push both children and adults towards the middle of the trampoline if they fall forwards.

The AirKing Classic 12ft Garden Trampoline is designed to last a very long time and can be left outside in the rain, snow and hot sun year after year without any problems as the AirKing Classic 12ft Garden Trampoline metal frame and legs is galvanised for protection against rust, the trampoline surface is UV sunlight proof so it won't crack or split in bright sunlight and the trampoline surface is also rain proof with the polypropylene weave rubber letting rain through the rubber so the trampoline won't become water logged or suffer from mildew.

With 80 high bounce springs that are made from stainless steel your get a great bounce on springs that won't rust and fatigue over time, only AirKIng uses stainless steel springs that will always be rust free.

If your overweight you can still use the AirKing Classic 12ft Garden Trampoline as the maximum user weight is 22 stone sop adults can bounce and have fun with their children without fear of breaking the trampoline, trampolines are also a great way to get fit whilst the children might just be bouncing for fun and to see who can bounce the highest you can bounce to keep fit as trampolining is one of the best forms of cardio-vascular exercise as your exercising your whole body including the two largest muscle groups your arms and your legs.
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